Friday, April 10, 2009

Thank You

Today is a day where I say thank you to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Today, some 2 thousand years ago, a man died on the cross for me. I know that to non-Christians this seems impossible. But I truly believe that he saw through time and heard my heart cry out for a Savior. He died a horrible death on the cross and was buried-but in 3 days he rose, body and all and joined His Father in Heaven.

I could never say thank you enough for this free and life changing gift.

This past year has been very difficult for me. I lost a very dear sister-in-law, and was struggling with infertility and trying to adopt. I could not have made it through any of these things without God. As I remember this Easter holiday, I feel so grateful for everything that God has done for me.

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Miche said...

Amen. I am so happy you guys have had such a blessed start to this new year, God truly is good.