Friday, June 5, 2009


This week I did what I swore I would never do-I put Alexis in daycare. Our plan-before the economy fell apart-was that I would only work part-time on weekends so I would be home during the week to care for Alexis. However, I am the only parent with employment at the moment, so we felt that Alexis needed to get started in daycare, so that if Craig got a job offer he could start right away.

I have hated having her away from me this week. I know that we all need an adjustment period, but mine will probably last longer then Alexis'. Her teachers are just wonderful. They seem to really enjoy what they do.

The best and worst thing is that they have a camera in every room. So while I'm at home I can see her in her room. I have enjoyed the fact that I can check-up on her, but I seem to be doing it all the time now. I guess this will get better with time.