Monday, March 30, 2009

Harris Lake

We took Alexis to Harris lake today. This is one of her first trips outside into nature. It's just been so cold and rainy lately that we haven't wanted expose her to this. It is so great to share these wonderful things with her.

I carried her in my ring sling-I just love it. It makes carrying her so easy and she seems to love it too. Craig doesn't understand the sling and since it's pink he refuses to try it out. But he doesn't mind if I want to use it.

She had a hat and sunglasses on that her Nana gave her for Easter. She looked so cute-but I didn't get any pics because I forgot my camera-I know what a bad mom I am that I forget my camera. Hopefully we will get to take her out again soon and I will try to remember my camera.

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