Saturday, March 28, 2009


As most of you know Craig and I were blessed with a baby girl in December of 2008. We've been asked many times to share the story of how she came to our family--so here goes:

I got a call on december 1st, asking if we would like our profile shown to a birthmother who had a baby on November 28th. This baby would be bi-racial and the mother had no prenatal care. I immediatly stated that she could see our profile-since we were open to a bi-racial baby. I didn't think anything of this conversation, because we had recieved numerous calls just like this one, so we didn't get our hopes up too high.

I got a call back that afternoon stating that the birthmother really loved us. It took me quite a while to realize that this was the phone call we had waited so long for. I called Craig and told him the good news, and he rushed home immediatly. When Craig got home we worked for 2 hours putting the car seat in my car-good thing we had already bought our van. We then ran to Wal-mart to pick up some last minute things-like diapers, more clothes, etc...

On December 3rd we went to Charlotte to meet with the birthmother and her social worker. Meeting her was strange, but the connection couldn't have been more real. We all headed to the hospital. Our daughter had breathing problems at birth and had to be in the NICU for 5 days. But she was doing great and was able to be discharged that afternoon.

When we saw her for the first time, my heart melted. I had waited so long to be a mom and this was all happening so fast. She was so beautiful. I got to feed her and Craig changed his first wet diaper.

We named her Alexis Jo. Alexis was the middle name her birthmother had picked for her and we wanted to honor that relationship and we thought Alexis was perfect. Jo was Craig's sister's middle name. It was a great way to honor this wonderful woman whom we miss so much.

Alexis is 4 months old today-it's just so hard to believe that 4 months can go by so quickly. We are truly blessed with this wonderful little girl.

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