Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

For years this has been a very difficult day for me. Although very thankful for my own mother, I was constantly reminded of my own desire to be a mother. Every year on Mother's Day, I would cry just knowing that another year had past without me becoming a mother. I know this sounds like a pity party, but all those years without a child has made me appreciate how wonderful it is to finally be a mother.

For 5 wonderful months I have been the mother to a beautiful baby girl named Alexis. I feel so very blessed to have her in my life and I know that if God chooses for us not to have any more children I feel so complete with Alexis in my life.

As wonderful as this day is for me, I can't help but think of the wonderful young woman out there who is probably crying today. She is Alexis birthmother. This woman choose life for her pregnancy, gave birth to my daughter and placed her in my arms to care for her. I am so thankful to this woman and the sacrifices that she has made.

For now on, I will be thankful that I am a mother, but also so very thankful for the woman who gave her life.


Miche said...

That was so beautiful! Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Miche said...

Hey, I need your number again, I washed my cell phone...sigh :) Call me at the house if you want to hang out next week-we have colds right now so this week wont be good. See you soon!

Andrea said...

Hi there! We know each other through Miche & Bill - my name is Andrea and my husband is Alan. Anyway, I just wanted to say what a great blog post about Mother's Day. I am so happy that Alexis was brought into you guys life to complete your family!

Hope you guys are doing well! Take care!